You’ve probably heard that fish are friends, not food, but what does that really mean? Well, the truth is that fish can be amazing pets! These animals will always make you smile when you see them swimming around because they’re so fun to watch. There are many different kinds of fish you can put in your tank, but keep in mind that not all fish are friendly. Here’s a list of the friendliest fish out there – choose one (or more!) for your own custom-built world under the sea!

friendly fish tetras New York

1. Tetras

You’re probably already familiar with tetras, but did you know that they’re one of the easiest fish to take care of? They’re also incredibly friendly – in fact, if you look closely at a group of tetra, you might see that they’ll naturally gather in groups. These little swimmers can be found in South American waters and the Amazon Basin. If you want a pet that’s going to keep your tank lively even when you can’t spend as much time interacting with it, tetras are a perfect choice!

danios friendly fish New York

2. Danios

Another fish that makes the list of the friendliest fish is danios. These guys are great for beginners, and they’re super active – in fact, they hardly ever stop swimming! They come from Asian tropical waters – so if your tank is large enough, you might even be able to add a few different types of them because there are different varieties with varying colors and patterns. This type of fish is very social and lives well in groups. If it’s just one, it’ll probably spend all day wondering where its friends went!

friendly fish mollies New York

3. Mollies

You probably know about mollies – after all, they’re a trendy choice for people who love their aquariums! These guys (and gals) can become great friends with any tankmate. They come from Central and South America and live in fresh or brackish water. The males are usually bolder than the females, which means they’ll start to fight if there aren’t enough hiding places for them to retreat to when they need some time away from each other. Just remember, mollies like their own space!

friendly fish gouramis New York

4. Gouramis

Getting gourami for your aquarium is always a good idea! These fish are very friendly, and they come in stunning colors – orange, blue, green, black, or red. As long as you have enough hiding places for them to squeeze into when they need alone time, you won’t have any problems with aggression. Gouramis come from South and East Asia. They can be found living in swamps, marshes, canals, and slow-moving rivers. Gouramis are also very active, so this is the pet for you if you want something fun to watch!

friendly fish platies New York

5. Platies

Last but definitely not least, platies are a great choice for your aquarium. Not only are they entertaining to watch, but they’re also super friendly! These fish love to play and interact with each other – in fact, if you see two of them chasing each other around the tank from time to time, there’s no need to worry. They’re simply playing! Platies come from Central America and Mexico – tropical waters that stay at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In the wild, these guys live together in schools. If you keep more than one in an aquarium, make sure the water is at least 10 gallons per fish so they can swim around without any problems!

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