Many people invest in water features for their businesses but don’t realize the importance of its upkeep. Hiring someone to clean and maintain your indoor pond is cost-efficient and ensures that you have a healthy and thriving ecosystem. Learn more about why it’s important to hire professionals to care for your indoor pond cleaning services!

Indoor Pond Maintenance

Businesses that have an indoor pond, whether for aesthetics or because they are part of a larger ecosystem in their office building, typically hire someone to clean and maintain the pond. The problem with having an indoor water garden is that you can’t just leave it on its own and never have it cleaned. When too much bacteria builds up in your water, it can negatively impact the ecosystem, which may result in dead fish or algae blooms.

Indoor ponds need more care than outdoor ponds because there’s no natural sunlight to help keep your water clear and your ecosystem thriving. Even though this means you’ll have to spend more time caring for your indoor pond, in order to maintain its beauty and healthiness, it’s worth it!

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How Often Should an Indoor Pond be Cleaned?

If you have a self-cleaning fish tank (which requires less care), you will probably need to clean your indoor pond less. However, if your pond does not have built-in filtration, the water will need to be changed out more often. Some people recommend changing it every week or two! Remember, not only does your pond need regular cleaning, but any filters you might have will need similar maintenance.

Keeping up with your indoor pond’s cleaning schedule is important because an overly dirty environment isn’t good for any type of business. Dirty water can make employees feel sick and unhappy while also stinking up the office. If there are dead fish in the system, this also can affect employee morale!

An indoor pond is supposed to bring peace and calm to your business environment. Don’t let it become a detriment because you weren’t willing to clean and maintain it!

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How Hard is it to Maintain an Indoor Pond?

Don’t think you can just ignore your indoor pond for weeks at a time and not expect to have any problems – that’s a quick way to lose your indoor pond altogether. You will either need to hire an employee with the specific job of cleaning the pond or hire a maintenance team.

Indoor ponds need regular upkeep and maintenance in order to keep them clear, clean, healthy, and safe. Most businesses invest in an indoor pond either for decoration or to change their work environment for the better. Not only will your employees feel more at peace with the added addition, but any customers or clients that come thru will enjoy your water feature.

If you’re interested in getting an indoor pond in your building, learn more about how you can benefit from having one!

Why do People Hire Someone to Clean Their Indoor Ponds?

It’s important that you hire someone to clean your indoor pond because you can’t do it yourself! Maintenance teams are trained to take care of every little or big problem your indoor pond may have. They not only take care of the fish, but they also maintain the water, filter system, algae growth, and any plants you may have in your pond.

Ensuring the health and beauty of your water feature should be essential to you. Plus, it’s cost-efficient since you’ll be able to focus on other areas of your business instead of cleaning out a dirty pond!

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Indoor Pond Maintenance Services in The New York Area

Okeanos Aquascaping is your best choice for indoor pond maintenance services! We offer many services and can help keep your water clear and odors away. We also offer indoor pond installations and can recommend the best fish for your building. We’re a full-service aquarium and water garden center that works to keep your business environment as healthy and beautiful as possible!

If you’re interested in maintaining an indoor pond, it’s important to find someone who knows what they’re doing – otherwise, you might end up with dead fish or spots of algae all over the office! Okeanos has helped many businesses clean their indoor ponds without fuss and bother. Call us today if you’re looking for a professional service for your building in the New York area.

If you want to find out more about Okeanos Group’s other services, then visit our website. We are here to help!