quariums and bathrooms usually don’t go very well together. It’s a bit ironic, considering that water is a common theme between both of them. Well, even though bathroom aquariums are unorthodox, that hasn’t stopped a lot of fish lovers from bringing their hobby into the washroom.

5. Fish Toilet

Fish Toilet Bowl

Image source: Toesmile.com

Of course, the first place to start with a bathroom aquarium is with a fish toilet. These bizarre devices replace the water tank on the back of the commode with a small aquarium. While these aquariums are visually reminiscent of conventional toilets, they actually operate under a completely different system. The toilet you’ve got in your home probably uses the tank in the back to provide the water pressure needed to create a swirling flush. These toilets (if they’re operational at all) will need to use a different mechanism to provide the water pressure. Otherwise, your first flush would send your beloved fish to a watery grave.

4. Miniature Fish Bathroom

Fish Bathroom

Image source: Kidsaquariumsquotes.wordpress.com

When you build your personal aquarium, you can theme it around just about anything imaginable. Sure, you could go for a classic rock and reef structure for a salt water aquarium, or a serene plant aquascape for your fresh water aquarium, but just because everybody else does that doesn’t mean that you have to do that, too. Take this aquarium for example: this is what your bathroom would look like if you plugged your shower drain and let your tub completely overflow.

3. Aquarium Sink

Aquarium Sink

Image source: Toesmile.com

Perfect for people who get bored senseless when they’re washing their hands, this oddball aquarium is part sink, part aquarium. As cool as this aquarium is, I’d be more interested to know how things look from the perspective of the fish. I suppose that they’d get to experience a beautiful cascading waterfall every time you wash your hands.

2. Hydroglass

Hydroglass Aquarium-Shower

Image source: Gizmodo.com

I’m not really sure what to make of this one. Basically, it’s a huge fish tank with a shower on top. You lay face-down on the table, gaze upon the fish, and then let the shower clean your backside. The idea behind it, I think, is to replicate the feeling of swimming. The problem with this device is that it’s trying to combine two things together in a really bizarre way. It doesn’t really fulfill the same role as a shower, because you can’t get a scrub-down while you’re lying on your face. It also doesn’t do a very good job of replicating an aquatic life because, well, you aren’t actually swimming. I think you’d be better off taking a dip at a local lake and then taking a shower, rather than trying to do both at the same time.

1. Poor Little Fish

Poor Little Fish Conservation Aquarium

Image source: Boredpanda.com

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fish that makes me think about environmentalism more than this little goldfish. The way this clever aquarium works is that anybody who washes his hands causes the water to drain out of the bowl. The more water you use, the more water you suck out of the fish’s home. Using the sink forces a person to analyze his own wastefulness and consider the consequences of his actions. Hopefully, this tank will promote a responsible and green lifestyle.

Poor Little Fish Aquarium Blueprint

Image source: Boredpanda.com

I should point out that the aquarium doesn’t operate the way you’d think. It’s impossible to completely drain the fish tank, and the water will be replaced right after the sink is turned off. Also, all of you germaphobes out there don’t have to worry about contaminated sink water. The sink and the aquarium each has its own separate water tank to make sure that the fish’s germs don’t get on your hands, and your hand soap doesn’t poison the fish.

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