Dental offices are often decorated with soothing colors and calming scents to make patients feel more at ease. However, the dentist’s office can still be a bit scary for some people. This is where custom aquariums come in handy! They are an excellent way to distract anxious patients while they wait for their turn in the dentist’s chair. These fish tanks create a sense of serenity that helps calm down worried people and puts them in a better mood before entering the dentist’s chair. This blog post discusses how commercial aquariums can help dentist offices provide better service to anxious patients- something every dentist should want to do!

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Why Do Some Dentist Offices Have Fish Tanks?

There are several reasons dentist offices have fish tanks. One reason dentist offices have fish tanks is that the tanks can make patients feel at ease. When people feel anxious, they may find that looking into a fish tank’s water can help them not feel discomfort or pain associated with a dentist visit. The dentist’s office will also benefit from this because the patients will continue to come back for more dental care as long as they’re feeling at ease in their dentist’s office.

Additionally, fish tanks will also help create a desirable office environment. The aquariums themselves give off a nice aesthetic appeal and beauty that most dentist waiting rooms don’t typically possess. People enjoy looking at natural things, so it makes sense why many people would prefer seeing an aquarium rather than nothing but carpets and furniture inside a drab office building.

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Where Should an Aquarium Be Placed In an Office?

There are many benefits of adding an aquarium to the dentist’s office, but where should it be placed? An ideal place is in a dental waiting room. This way, dental patients can relax and not feel as stressed while waiting for their appointments. The dentist will always have something calming around them that could help ease any patient concerns or fears about coming into the dentist’s office. It would be best if you placed your aquarium near a window so that your fish and aquatic fauna have natural light. 

How Should An Aquarium Be Decorated To Match A Dental Office?

The decoration options are endless when decorating with an aquatic theme. You can add everything from fish tank décor items like artificial plants, driftwood, rocks, live plants, cave formations. For dentist offices that may be a bit unsure about adding too much marine décor, fish tank supplies like artificial ferns or underwater themed wall art can be added instead.

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Will My Dental Office Need To Hire Any Additional Staff?

A fish tank needs to be cleaned every two to three weeks, so you will have to hire someone to maintain your aquarium. You don’t have to hire a new employee that will be at your dentist’s office every day, but you will have to hire someone to clean the tank if you or your staff do not know about cleaning fish tanks. The person or business you hire to clean your aquarium will only come once every other week. It is crucial to have someone maintain your aquarium because if there is too much algae growth, it can end up killing your plants and fish. 

So if you’re looking to improve your business with breathtaking custom aquarium designs, it is time to reach out to the experts at Okeanos Group in New York! Whether you need custom-built tanks or tankless water systems, our team will work with your dentist’s vision and budget to create a stunning aquatic design that’ll make patients feel like they’re in another world.