Having an aquarium in your home is a great way to add life and natural beauty to your living space. Whether you want the aquarium as a part of your décor or as a statement piece, there are many things that you can do to make your home look stunning. Even though aquariums can be beautiful, when you first set up your fish tank, it might not look like you envisioned. The best way to ensure your aquarium looks the way you expected is to add color, lighting, decorations, and do regular maintenance.  

aquarium plant decorations

1. Add Color to Your Aquarium with Plants 

One great way to spruce up your tank is by adding some plants. There are several types of plants that you can choose from, but the best ones to use in an aquarium are tropical plants. These plants will not only give your tank a more exciting look, but they also benefit the fish living inside. 

One type of live plant you can add to your aquarium is the java fern. These are low-maintenance plants that do not require a lot of care. Java ferns will provide your fish tank with a beautiful pop of green and also give your fish a hiding spot. Another type of plant you can add is a floating plant, like duckweed. Floating plants can help you achieve a specific type of aesthetic for your aquarium.

Some other low maintenance plants are:

  • Marimo moss balls
  • Amazon sword
  • Bacopa
  • Christmas moss
  • Water wisteria

These are just some of the plants you can get to add color to your aquarium. Make sure you research the plants you want to get because some require a lot of maintenance and could potentially harm your fish if not probably cared for. Remember to have fun with creating a theme for your fish tank.  

custom aquarium lights

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Lighting for Your Fish 

A light source can make a difference when it comes to the aesthetic of your aquarium. LED lights are recommended because they don’t use much electricity and will produce more light than other types of lights. If you want to keep coral, a T5 light is your best option. Just make sure that you’re getting the most out of your lighting. 

If it is a fluorescent bulb, make sure the color temperature is correct for what kind of fish or plants you have in there, and make sure their growth cycle will be sustainable with that kind of bulb. However, you generally want to go with natural sunlight instead of recreating it artificially. The easiest way to achieve this is by placing your aquarium near a window so the light from outside can enter the aquarium naturally. 

minimalist aquarium design

3. Consider Adding Decorations

It’s always a great idea to add some background or foreground decorations to make your tank more exciting and fun to look at. Some examples of good décor to use are stones, caves, pieces of driftwood, and figurines. If you have a bigger tank, you can also look into submergible decorations that are great for hiding equipment or simply making your aquarium look more exciting. 

There are plenty of options available to choose from, so you can easily find something that goes with your existing décor or the type of fish you’ll be keeping. One fish tank design a lot of people with aquariums like to create is a pirate-themed fish tank. Some decorations they might choose would be a cave, a sunken pirate ship, skeleton figurines, a treasure chest, and more. 

aquarium maintenance

4. Keep Up With Your Aquarium Maintenance 

One of the most important things you can do for your aquarium is to maintain it regularly. Maintaining your aquarium is about more than just cleaning up the filters and substrate. You should also replace the water every few weeks, check that all of your equipment is working correctly, and scrub down any algae growth. Improper maintenance can affect the health of your fish and live plants in your aquarium. If you skip a week of maintaining your aquarium or forget to change a filter, it could harm your aquarium’s ecosystem. 

An aquarium can be a fantastic piece of live art in any home. It’s an excellent way for you and your family to get closer to nature while also adding some beauty to your living space. Follow these 4 tips so your aquarium will have a “wow” factor! To learn more about fish tanks and home installations, check out Okeanos Aquascaping of New York. They are professionals in the aquarium business and can definitely give your fish tank that “wow” factor!