Yesterday, we took a look at the wacky world of geeky aquariums. After thinking about it for a bit I concluded, “With the popularity of Star Wars, surely somebody has already thought of my hobby aquarium idea and done something about it.” And I was right.

Hobby-inspired aquariums may not be as elegant as high-class aquariums, but you know what? They’re just plain fun. Of course, you don’t have to be a hardcore fan to appreciate a playful aquascape. Kids would absolutely adore a custom aquarium set in their favorite fantasy land. Is your eight-year-old obsessed with Spiderman or Darth Vader? Then by all means install a beautiful custom aquarium in his bedroom. Not only will the fish help to foster his scientific curiosity and teach him responsibility, but it will also tickle his imagination as he dreams about Darth Vader locked in epic combat with a team of monstrous shrimp.

Kinda makes you smile, doesn’t it?

What I really want to point out here is that these aquascapes are all fairly rudimentary. Can you imagine how exciting an aquascape would be if a professional designer custom-tailored an underwater battleground specifically for an epic Star Wars battle? You could have an aquascape that’s the spitting image of the forest moon Endor. There could be underwater trees, Ewok treetop fortresses, and a Sarlacc pit for the ill-fated Boba Fett. You could even fill your aquascape with scale models of bizarre Stars Wars fish for good measure.

And the best thing about these aquascapes? You can see how excited the owners are to have their custom aquascape set in their favorite science-fiction world. You may not be a big fan of Star Wars — I realize that a lot of people aren’t. Still, it’s incredibly obvious how delighted these aquascapers are with their custom aquariums. Without speaking a word, these aquascapess share how much they adore their creations with iconic music clips, careful edits, and loving close-ups. This isn’t just an aquarium — it’s a hardcore fan’s pride and joy, an expression of his adoration for George Lucas’ exciting movie franchise.

Don’t get trapped into thinking that your aquarium has to be a specific style. If you’re installing a custom aquarium in your living room, then of course you’re probably more likely to create an elegant, relaxing aquascape. But does that mean that you also have to install a classy aquarium in your personal home office, too? What about an aquarium for your kid’s room? No way! Know your audience — if your audience is a Jedi-loving Star Wars fanatic, then don’t design your aquarium based on other peoples’ expectations. Create a stunning custom aquarium that will make that one special person in your life overcome with joy.

The same goes for every other hobby out there. Don’t be afraid to create aquarium inspired by Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, your favorite football team, or that one movie that you’ve watched a thousand times.