Custom luxury hotel aquariums are a great way to make your space unique and give guests something to talk about. If you have a large lobby or foyer area, Okeanos Group can install custom glass aquariums in an exciting way that will get attention and create a buzz with your guests.

Aquariums for hotels are an excellent addition for any hotel, big or small. They provide some color to the décor while also providing life in the space! Many companies offer aquarium installation, but none can offer the same quality and service as Okeanos Aquascaping.

Why You Should Install Our Aquariums in Your Hotel

Okeanos Group is not like other aquarium companies. We don’t try to compete by offering lower prices or promising more features that we can’t deliver on. Instead, we focus on providing a high-quality product with unmatched customer support from start to finish.

With Okeanos help, you can recreate an on-land vacation experience for guests, providing them with the relaxation they need and making them feel like they have stayed in one of their favorite getaway spots.

Our hotel aquariums will help any lobby or foyer create a tranquil atmosphere that your guests are sure to enjoy during their stay at your hotel. Okeanos luxury aquascapes are customizable. We can make our glass tanks in virtually any size.

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Okeanos Aquariums Are Works of Art

Our luxury hotel aquariums are works of art on the inside and out, allowing you to showcase your unique design sensibilities. Okeanos Group is a leading designer of custom-built luxury glass tanks for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

We have been creating high-end aquariums that combine art with function to create something extraordinary. All our aquariums are made from premium quality glass or acrylic. We use seamless construction techniques to ensure every tank we produce meets our standards as well as yours!

No detail is overlooked during assembly, ensuring that each tank will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing in any setting it may find itself placed in for years to come! We offer several different styles, including rainforest settings, live coral reefs, and multiple different aquatic florae.

Okeanos Aquascaping wants the best for your hotel, so we make sure that every part of your custom aquarium matches your existing color schemes and interior styles.

Hotel Aquariums Are Works of Art

Water Features Are Another Option

Hotel aquariums aren’t the only way to make your lobby or foyer unique. Another way you can add value to your hotel is with water features such as fountains, waterscapes, and waterfall designs. Okeanos Group specializes in providing all types of water feature installations that meet our clients’ needs.

These elements are an excellent way to relax employees and customers alike while also increasing the aesthetic value of your building or property. Our work includes combining waterfalls with indoor fountains to make the perfect talking piece for your business.

With our help, you can install any water feature and more! We also offer Japanese koi pond builds as well as exotic saltwater pool builds. Okeanos wants to help create a permitted centerpiece for your business.

When we take on a project, we consider everything from climate to water chemistry, etc. Okeanos wants you to have a custom filtration system that will ensure the longevity of your waterscape.


Okeanos Group is Here to Answer All Your Questions

We want to provide you with everything you need to know about owning a luxury hotel aquarium! We offer a wide range of services designed to help you find the best aquarium for your hotel.

From consultation and design, through construction, installation, and maintenance – we can do it all! Give us a call today so we can start planning out this luxury addition to your property with you at (212) 244- 9555 or ask Okeanos Aquascaping questions here! [email protected]