Thanks to shows like MTV Cribs and the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, anyone can get a glimpse into the multi-million dollar mansions of actors and rock stars. Sometimes, we’re even lucky enough to spot these celebrities’ high priced custom aquariums.

So, today’s article is kind of like a Venn diagram. It falls in that tiny overlap between “Celebrity Gossip” and “Custom Aquascapes.”

Venn Diagram: Celebrity Gossip and Custom Aquariums

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1. Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is a French pro footballer (the “Goooaaal!” kind, not the “Touchdown!” kind). This fish fanatic had plans to rebuild his home with a four-story £250,000 aquarium. As cool as the idea is, Henry eventually ditched the blueprint because the aquarium apparently didn’t fit the needs of his family.

Theirry Henry Four-Story Aquarium

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2. Chad Ochocinco

When Patriot’s wide receiver Chad Ochocinco isn’t catching footballs and scoring touchdowns, he’s chilling at home next to his two elaborate home aquariums — and I do mean elaborate. These aquariums are about as crazy as they come.

The first one practically occupies an entire wall and has three wide-screen TVs mounted onto it. I’ve heard of people installing aquariums into their entertainment systems, but this really takes the concept to the extreme. It’s a clever idea, but I seriously wonder how happy his fish are. I’d worry that the sound from the TVs would constantly stress out his fish.

Chad Ochocinco Aquarium Entertainment Center

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Next, we head up to the bedroom where the magic happens. Ochocinco has one of the most ridiculous headboards I’ve ever seen in my life. Whoever would have guessed that sleeping with the fishes could be so much fun?

Chad Ochocinco Aquarium Headboard

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3. Stephen Ireland

What is it with sports players and aquariums? Aston Villa footballer Stephen Ireland has a massive saltwater aquarium installed in his £6 million home. The tank contains over 500 species of tropical fish and it’s so advanced that it has a built-in computer with Wi-Fi access, meaning that Ireland can check in on his fishy buddies during his games’ halftime breaks.

Stephen Ireland Home Aquarium

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4. Nelly

Not to be outdone, rapper Nelly has four aquariums in his $6 million pad.

5. Lady Gaga

Some people say that laughter is the best medicine. For Lady Gaga, a £40,000aquarium filled with Japanese fish might be just what the doctor ordered. Lady Gaga recently had to end her music tour prematurely because of major hip surgery. The aquarium should help Gaga stay calm and restful during her recovery. The bed rest and relaxing atmosphere should also help her heal through all of those other aches and pains associated with dancing in high heels.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos released of the new tank. We’ll have to wait in eager anticipation until a paparazzi catches a snapshot of it.

6. Steven Spielberg

You might think that Jaws director Steven Spielberg would want to stay as far away from aquatic wildlife as possible, but this legendary Hollywood titan keeps a stylish reef aquarium in his office.