Museums are full of beautiful art pieces, and our custom museum aquariums can add to that beauty. When you are trying to design an exhibit that will be a hit with people of all ages, consider purchasing a luxury aquarium from Okeanos Group.

We have experience working with world-class galleries and the biggest names in the art world. Okeanos Aquascaping knows what it takes to design and install custom aquariums for museums. We can create one-of-a-kind exhibits that captivate audiences.

Why Your Museum Needs an Aquarium

What are Luxury Museum Aquariums?

Museum aquariums can be anything you want them to be. A gallery might feature an aquarium with an African cichlid habitat, or you might prefer a live coral reef. The only limit is your imagination.

Okeanos Aquascaping offers everything from saltwater and freshwater tanks to Japanese koi ponds and ecosystem ponds. Our museum aquariums are more than just tanks filled with aquatic animals. They are works of living art that constantly change and evolve.

Okeanos prides itself on being able to harmonize our custom aquariums to any existing interior design or theme. We also pay special attention to matching marine animals with their appropriate themes.
All museums can benefit from having a custom aquarium, no matter what size or type.

Designer of Museum Aquariums New York City
Pierre Huyghe Aquarium at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Museum Aquariums as Natural History Attractions

All of our tanks are custom-built, so you can design a tank that fits your vision or dream. Maybe your museum is more interested in teaching families about sea life. Okeanos can build your museum a saltwater aquarium or a saltwater pool filled with handpicked aquatic life from the ocean.

Underwater natural history exhibits can help teach adults and children alike about different species of flora and fauna under the sea. With Okeanos help, your museum could take families on an adventure to an unknown world.

Museum Aquarium Installation Paris France
Pierre Huyghe Aquarium at Centre Pompidou, Paris

We can help your museum feature a living attraction that could be fun for the whole family. Okeanos Aquascaping
wants your guests to get up close and personal with underwater animals and plants while at the same time getting to experience a living art piece like no other.

Experience Unique Marine Life

Aquarium exhibits can help people explore and experience the wonders of aquatic species. Museums can take that to a whole new level using Okeanos Group’s luxury aquariums for their displays!

Los Angeles Museum Aquarium
Pierre Huyghe Aquarium at LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Okeanos unique saltwater pools can bring people face to face with sharks, eels, and even stingrays. In contrast, our Japanese koi ponds can transport guests to another continent and allow them to experience another culture. Our freshwater tanks can hold an array of colorful fish like goldfish, angelfish, rainbow fish, and much more.

Water habitats like these are perfect for museums because they provide an educational opportunity about nature and conservation. While also offering pleasurable viewing opportunities with stunning artwork for museum spaces. 

Museum Aquariums as Fine Art Attractions

Okeanos can accept any challenge to combining water and art. If your museum wants a water piece that evokes certain emotions, we can make that happen. Not only does Okeanos enjoy replicating aquatic ecosystems, but we also enjoy creating pieces that you would never see in nature. Okeanos strives to create museum aquariums as fine art pieces that will fascinate people. 

Museum Pond Installation NYC
Brant Foundation East Village Skylight Pond


Maybe your museum is not interested in aquariums and would benefit from a fun water feature instead. Okeanos Group also offers stunning waterfall and fountain designs. 

Rubin Museum Pond Installation with Artist Matti Braun
Rubin Museum Pond Installation with Artist Matti Braun

Museums can combine these unique water features to make a fantastic water piece. Okeanos will build your museum custom walls or rockscapes for your chosen water feature to cascade over.

Travel to Unknown Waters

Have you ever wanted to add a new element of beauty and wonder to your museum? If so, then we are the team for you! Okeanos Group is an experienced company that specializes in designing and installing living exhibits all around the world. To get started with us today, contact our experts at 212-244-9555 or email us.