Have you ever considered getting a koi pond? A koi pond is an outdoor art installation that can be used in many different ways. They are sometimes seen as just a decorative addition to the landscape, but koi ponds serve as natural water features and wildlife habitats also. They’re perfect for gardens and parks, but they can even make good additions to the front entrances of homes or businesses.

If you want your koi pond to look its best year-round, you must keep up on regular maintenance like cleaning out debris from the pond’s bottom or making sure the filters operate correctly. Our pond cleaning services can take care of these tasks for you, so all you have to worry about is enjoying your koi pond.

koi pond maintenance services in New York

What kind of maintenance does a koi pond need?

A pond can receive significant benefits from regular maintenance. Many koi ponds will need to be cleaned regularly for the habitat to stay healthy. The plants in your water garden won’t require as much attention as the fish since they are typically planted on porous materials that help filter and clean them naturally. 

However, these types of ponds still need to have their filters changed periodically, and you need to keep an eye out for dense algae growth. The type of filtration you have will also impact how often your pond will need cleaning. The filters used in different koi ponds depend on the size of the pond. For example, if the pond is very small and the water level does not often change, using a small filter would be more practical than a large one.

A larger system for a larger pond would need a filtration system capable of handling increased pollutant loads caused by higher organic content in fish waste and higher levels of activity as measured by oxygen consumption rates. A pump should also be able to supply enough flow for the adequate surface-to-volume exchange. Larger filters will need to be cleaned and maintained more often than smaller ones.

koi pond maintenance in New York

Why is pond maintenance service important?

A backyard pond is usually smaller than a pool but can still be quite extensive and require regular maintenance, just like swimming pool upkeep. Pond owners need to keep the water clean for their koi and ensure that algae doesn’t grow. Neglecting the pond can kill your koi if left unchecked. 

Pond care professionals can take on a variety of tasks. They can clean up leaves or plants from around the pond, so you don’t have to deal with it yourself. Pond pros aerate the pond to get rid of excess gas build-up, and they add everything you need into the water every week when necessary. Having someone else taking care of these things will make life much easier.

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When should I get my pond cleaned?

Taking care of koi ponds can be challenging for busy property owners. They need water changes (30% or more), weekly maintenance on the koi fish, plants, and environment in general – changing air filters if they have one installed. And, this doesn’t include other pond care needs such as cleaning gunk off rocks or getting rid of algae from sides of pond walls. If you’re having trouble keeping your koi pond clean and well maintained, we offer professional koi pond cleaners that will make sure it’s done right! 

Okeanos Aquascaping is a company that specializes in koi pond maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. We offer a wide range of products and services to help you maintain your koi pond, including water testing, algae control, fish feeding, plant care, and more! 

Whether you’re looking for an affordable service or something more customized, Okeanos can provide the perfect solution at an affordable price! Contact us today if you have any questions about how we can help make your koi pond look its best! We provide pond maintenance services in New York and New Jersey.