An aquascape aquarium is a type of aquarium that features a natural-looking arrangement of plants, rocks, and substrates to give the tank an eco-friendly landscape, which looks pleasing to the viewer’s eyes.

You may be asking yourself: “How is an aquascape aquarium different from a regular fish tank?”

Well, the difference is that an aquascape allows you to create your own landscape within your aquarium. Rather than just throwing in some rocks or fake plants and hoping for the best, you can create your version of an underwater landscape.

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Components of an Aquascape Aquarium

The components can be divided into two categories: 

  • Aesthetic Components 
  • Technical Components

The aesthetic components include all those things that make up the visuals of the aquascape aquarium — for example, some things like aquatic plants, aquarium rocks, aquarium figurines, and more!

The technical components are all those things that make the aquarium functional. They include the aquarium filter, lighting, heating, and chemical cleaners. The technical features are usually hidden in the aquarium behind rocks or beneath gravel or sand substrate.

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Why do people buy Aquascape Aquariums?

People buy aquascapes for all different reasons. For example, someone might buy an aquarium because they love the sea and underwater worlds. Or maybe building aquascapes is your favorite hobby. Some people might even buy aquascapes because they like to see all sorts of aquatic life swimming about. 

When it comes down to it, most people buy aquascape aquariums to have a statement piece that brings life into their home or office. The world of aquascaping is as much an art form as it is a type of aquatic life preservation – and if you want your fish tank to be like no other, aquascaping is the way to go!

Aquarium Compositions

The two most common aquarium layouts are the single fish tank and the multiple fish tank. The single fish tank is usually just one large container like a small aquarium or heavy-duty plastic container. The content of the water in this type of layout is usually 100 liters or less. Multiple fish aquariums generally hold more enormous amounts of water and typically contain different fish species that are compatible with each other. Fish compatibility determines which types of fish can be grown together without any problems or malicious activities to disturb the peace and harmony. 

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Aquascape Layouts

There are many different types of aquarium layouts to choose from. One is the reef-type layout. This is where the aquarist can replicate living corals and other aquatic flora and fauna in their tank. Marine life will be able to live harmoniously together because they will naturalize alongside each other in this type of aquarium layout. Another type is the fish-only layout which is suited for hobbyists with a love for fish. They tend to have a more natural feel than the reef setup but may take longer to mature since the aquarist does not have to worry about adding plants or invertebrates, etc. Finally, there are also display designs that are solely used as art pieces and do not include any aquatic animals at all.

Expert Advice

Aquascaping is a hobby that allows people to create their own aquariums with the help of an expert. You can choose any theme and be creative with any underwater design. All of these options are possible with aquascaping, so if you’re interested in learning more about this process or looking for someone who can do it for you, feel free to contact our team at Okeanos today!