Have you been looking for a new addition to your home, office, or business? Have you heard about Okeanos Aquascaping? Our team at Okeanos Group builds custom waterfalls, fountains, and wallscapes. We can make fantastical water features in any shape or size. Any space can be designed and fitted with a beautiful water feature. You may have heard about Okeanos Aquascaping for our amazing aquarium designs.

If you don’t know about Okeanos Group’s aquariums, click here to learn more about our custom designs.

If you do know about Okeanos, then you know about our unique outlook on building aquariums. You’ve heard and seen how we build every product with an artistic eye. Okeanos takes art and life and blends them to make something magical. This post is about the magical world Okeanos Aquascaping can create by building custom waterfalls, fountains, and wallscapes.


Okeanos Aquascaping can fit any space with a custom waterfall. Our waterfalls are unique because they use a recyclable water system. This energy-efficient water system allows water to cascade down before being stored in an underwater basin which will later be reused.

outdoor waterfall


Fountains are a perfect addition to any space. They create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere with their flowing water, soothing sounds, and calming mist. Okeanos can install fountains on the floor or wall for both indoor or outdoor use.


Okeanos Aquascaping can create beautiful wall designs by installing water features on the walls. Wallscape installations are perfect for any space because they make small spaces seem more extensive and more elegant. These wall designs can be made out of many materials like rocks or plants and can fit any interior design.

hotel waterfalls

Water Features

All of the features talked about above can be combined in multiple ways to make stunning pieces. This makes it easy to create a space that is unique, exquisite, and invigorating. Drawing on the renowned design expertise of Okeanos Group’s aquariums in combination with their signature artistic eye for creativity and innovation, these water features bring life into any home or office walls.

Okeanos Aquascaping has an extensive portfolio of designs. Click here to see the aquariums we have created and get in touch for your next water feature project!