Pools are popular for a number of reasons – they’re classy, they look pretty, and they’re just plain fun.

Putting aside their pure use value, pools have a sort of allure to them, a kind of subliminal essence that sparks the more primal portions of your brain. They make you want to tear off all your clothes, grab a particularly lovely friend, and dive on in. There’s just something about swimming pools that encourages people to think naughty thoughts.

Hollywood has picked up on that quality and has used it to produce some incredibly sexy pool scenes ever seen on TV. Here are a few of my favorites.

5. Something’s Got to Give

Let’s start things off with a splash with Marilyn Monroe’s skinny dipping scene in Something’s Got to Give. It’s hard to resist this giggling blonde bombshell as she splashes about the pool. When she playfully calls her costar into the pool with her, it’s easy to understand how mythological sirens could have lured sailors to their deaths.

4. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

I’m not exactly sure how walking through a pool while your slinky dress clings to your body is really supposed to make you lose friends, but that’s exactly what Megan Fox tried to do. It doesn’t really work, of course. It only makes her more desirable than ever.

3. Wild Things

The lesbian pool scene was the most memorable part of the movie, and realistically the only reason to see an otherwise mediocre flick. I’ve seen the movie, and I can’t remember a thing about it except for that scene, which was burned into my then-teenage memory. Denise Richards shows off her incredible body while Neve Campbell rock that dark, smokey look.

Perhaps one of the most memorable things about the scene is that the girls can’t seem to figure out if they want to be aggressive or tender, an anxiety that is enhanced by the fact that Kevin Bacon is spying on them from the bushes. That scene is dangerously sexy, almost a complete foil to Marilyn Monroe’s girlish playfulness in Something’s Got to Give.

2. The Arrangement

I’m not much of a fisherman. My dad took me once, and I decided right then and there that it’d be my last time. I just don’t see the appeal to stabbing worms and sitting in a boat for several hours while I wait for nothing to happen. In the classic movie The Arrangement, they manage to make luring swimmers with bait look rather enticing.

1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Not only is it the most famous pool scene ever, it is probably one of the top one-hundred or so most recognizable scenes of all time. The scene seems to fully capture the full absurdity, no-nonsense sexual energy, and the undeniable allure of male daydreaming.