Can fish help cleanse your chi? Can goldfish bring you wealth? Feng Shui practitioners answer “yes” to both of these questions, as they feel that the arrangement of your home can have a major impact on your life.

I’m not going to get into a debate of whether or not Feng Shui actually works. Today, all we’re going to do is take a look at how to incorporate Feng Shui teachings into your aquarium – either for spiritual or purely aesthetic reasons.


Feng Shui Five Elements

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Aquariums are a little bit unique in the world of Feng Shui because they include all five elements. Wood is represented by the plants in the aquarium, metal exists in the actual structure of the aquarium, earth is in the soil or sand, fire comes from fish with warm, orangey colors, and water… well, that one should be obvious. These five elements working in harmony give aquarium owners a sort of five-for-one deal that can (according to advocates of Feng Shui) help you attain more wealth.


Putting an aquarium in the right spot is a pretty big deal in Feng Shui. I touched on this topic briefly last week when I mentioned that Feng Shui recommends placing an aquarium next to your front door, but practitioners also recommend keeping an aquarium in the southeast area of your home because that area is attuned to wealth and abundance. Practitioners also highly advise against placing an aquarium into your bedroom or kitchen because the water element will “cool down” the fire element in your bedroom. Fire element is important for romance, so I suppose this is the spiritual equivalent of a cold shower.


Feng Shui Fish

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The type of fish that you keep in your aquarium is slightly less relevant, but Feng Shui practitioners do have a few recommendations. They suggest keeping eight gold-colored fish to improve your luck, along with one black fish that can absorb all of your negative chi. Supposedly, you can gauge the energy of your household by keeping an eye on your black fish. A healthy black fish means that you’re in the clear, while a belly-up fish means that you’re in for some trouble.


If an aquarium is supposed to bring you wealth, then a mucky aquarium will also muck up your bank account. Keep your aquarium clean and well-maintained in order to keep your fish and your finances happy. Of course, if you get your aquarium through Okeanos Group, then you can rest easy knowing that a team of professionals will take care of every aspect of your aquarium for you.

So, Feng Shui: a spiritual guide to better living or just a pretty art style? I’ll let you decide on that one. But whatever the case, following these general guidelines will give you an eastern-inspired aquarium that gets the Feng Shui seal of approval.

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