It’s kind of funny how people react to animals. People everywhere absolutely adore fish. If you have a beautiful custom aquarium then you can impress pretty much anybody on Earth. If you replace those fish with snakes and reptiles, then suddenly you’re going to provoke an entirely different reaction. Unlike fish, snakes are universally feared across all cultures.

A lot of people are scared off by snakes, but some people like adding an element of danger and suspense to a living space. Today we’re going to talk about these fearsome ophidians and how to incorporate a bit of danger into your aquarium or paludarium.

Picking the Right Snake

The most important step with owning a snake is selecting the right species. Some species of snakes spend their entire lives in water, while others have to rest on land in order to survive. My recommendation is that you go with a land-based snake that hunts in the water. If you want a snake that spends all of its time in the water, then you’re probably better off going with an eel. Eels are generally a bit easier to keep and they have the a similar aesthetic.


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The biggest benefit of keeping a land-based snake is that you get the best of both worlds — you’ll be able to admire your serpentine pet as he sleeps on land and you’ll also get to see the snake’s fluid movements as it slithers through the water. Keep in mind that one of the most captivating things about snakes is how they move. Once they get into the water they’re fairly mobile. Adding your snake to a paludarium will showcase your snake’s hypnotic movements as it slithers through the water.

One of the coolest things about aquatic snakes is that they like to rest their bodies on the ground underwater and then poke their heads up so that just their nostrils break the surface of the water. This allows them to breathe air while remaining hidden from predators and unwary prey. Since snakes usually coil up to sleep, this unique pose puts their slender bodies on display for you.

Snake Resting Underwater

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And nothing beats watching a snake hunt underwater.

Snake Eating Fish Underwater

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Building a Snake Tank

Snake tanks have a couple of special requirements. For one, you must make sure that the lid is secured. Keeping fish is fairly easy because you don’t have to worry about them pushing off the lid and leaping onto your living room carpet. Snakes, on the other hand, can and will pop the lid of your aquarium and go on an exciting adventure through your home.

Also, many species of snakes need heat lamps in order to stay healthy. That naturally limits the number of options that you have available for the rest of your aquascape. I recommend that you go with a tropical-themed paludarium. Tropical plants will flourish under the hot, humid conditions. Also, it will give the paludarium a jungle vibe that will make the aquascape feel more dangerous and exotic.

Snake tanks aren’t for everyone, but if you’re one of the brave few who’s willing to invite one of these fearsome predators into your home then you will be able to create an absolutely unforgettable aquascape!

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