We’ve just finished up our warm colors (redorange, and yellow) so now we’re moving over to the cooler colors. First up on the list is green, which just so happens to be my favorite color. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the most prolific (and most beautiful) aquascaping color.


Green is the symbol of life, fertility and nature — not surprising considering that it’s the color of plant life. We instinctively adore green because the color indicates that we are in an area full of abundant life and sources of food. Much like yellow, which symbolizes new beginnings and daylight, green represents freshness and youth. It’s a cheerful, pleasant color that makes people feel safe and cozy.

Green Aquarium

Image source: Caudata.org

Creating a Green Aquascape

Recommended: Freshwater

There’s no debate here — freshwater aquariums are indisputably the better choice for green aquariums. Green fish are few and far between, so you have to utilize plants in your aquarium in order to create a lush, verdant aquascape. The great thing about freshwater plants is that they come in a tremendous variety. Color ranges from deep, rich green to a bright yellow-green. You can get short, grass-like moss or frilly plants that stretch upward to the surface of the water. If you’re a green lover like me, then there is absolutely no better choice than nature style aquariums, which incorporate dozens of different types of plants in a chaotic yet harmonious assortment.

Saltwater aquariums just can’t hold a candle to freshwater aquariums when it comes to the color green. There are a few species of saltwater plants, like kelp, but they aren’t very popular in the aquarium hobby. It’s not that kelp is unattractive, it’s simply that saltwater plants are overshadowed by bright coral and tropical fish.

Best Rooms

As one of the most calming colors, green is an excellent choice for the bedroom or other rooms that promote relaxation, such as your reading room. There’s nothing quite like a verdant aquascape to help you relax after a long day of work. The green, gently swaying plants will melt away your stress and encourage a deep, restful sleep.

Green Bedroom

Image source: Bs2h.com

Worst Rooms

Green is such a relaxing and well-liked color that it can fit in just about any room. I mean, think about potted plants — can you think of any room where a bit of nature wouldn’t liven things up? That being said, you might want to avoid using green in rooms of your house that are supposed to energize and excite people. If you’re the type of person who loves to host dinner parties and have people over, then green is probably a bad choice for your living room because it will mellow people out instead of making them chatty. Aquariums are kind of an exception to the rule, though. Aquascapes, even relaxing green ones, can act as a centerpiece that will spark conversation and keep people interested. That’s the beauty of a green freshwater aquascape — it fits in pretty much everywhere.

Green Living Room

Image source: Timticks.com

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