Easter is only two days away. I’m guessing that most of my readers are too old to go on Easter egg hunts, but we can all still celebrate Easter in our own special way. Why not kick off the holidays with an Easter-themed aquarium?

Verdant Freshwater vs Colorful Saltwater

Hmm, this is a tough decision. Easter is all about the happiness of spring, when the flowers bloom and the trees grow back all of their leaves. Freshwater aquariums are definitely the better choice if you want to capture the the true spirit of spring. But on the other hand, Easter is also all about beautiful colors like pink, baby blue, and lavender. Saltwater aquariums are definitely the better choice if you’re going for eye-catching colors, because nothing comes close to the beautiful hues of tropical reef fish.

Personally? I say go with freshwater. It’s just not spring without green.

Bring in Pastel Colors

Figuring out whether or not a color fits in with Easter is easy. Just take any color except for black and then then mix it with a little bit of white. Red becomes pink, orange becomes peach, and purple becomes lavender. Easter uses these bright colors the capture the youthfulness and purity of spring.

Many aquarium fish have rich, intense colors, but you can find creatures with pastel colors if you know where to look. The lavender tang, for example, has soft lavender hues on its lower fins and sunny yellow colors on its upper fins. Freshwater fans can fill their tanks with kissing pink gouramis or light orange goldfish to bring out some springtime warmth.

Hide a Few Easter Eggs

Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you boil eggs, paint the shells, and then dump them into your tank. You can, however, get a little bit creative and hide all sorts of colorful treasures in your aquarium. Colorful rocks or glass beads might be a good substitute, and they won’t be glaringly obvious. You can hide these multicolored Easter eggs throughout your aquascape — in caves, hiding under tufts of seagrass, behind rock formations, and wedged into the cracks of driftwood.

Onlookers will be delighted to view your colorful aquarium. They’ll be even more delighted once you tell them that there are 10 Easter eggs hidden throughout the aquascape. This impromptu game will encourage children and adults alike to give your aquascape a closer inspection as they hunt for those coveted eggs.

The great thing about this idea is that you can hide Easter Eggs in virtually any aquarium. Wake up early on March 31st, sprinkle a few colored rocks around your aquascape, and then invite your children to go on a miniature egg hunt before breakfast.

Bonus Tip: Check Your Local Aquariums

If you’ve got kids, then I highly recommend that you check out your local aquarium. Odds are good that they’re running some sort of Easter-themed event. If you think an egg hunt in your home aquarium is fun, imagine looking for eggs that are hidden throughout a shark tank!

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