Okeanos Custom Aquariums and Ponds
521 West 26th Street Suite 600 | New York, NY 10001

From ancient China to modern Manhattan, fishponds are the most natural domestic setting for aquatic life, a permanent centerpiece whether indoors or outdoors. More Okeanos Ponds complex than they may first appear, ponds and waterfalls require comprehensive filtration and expert construction to guarantee a self-sustaining habitat.

Okeanos Ponds Okeanos takes into account climate, water chemistry and esthetic considerations before customizing a filtration system which will ensure longevity and Efficiency. Building upon this solid foundation with state of the art materials, okeanos offers a huge range of design options from the modest to the monumental, with habitats ranging from traditional japanese koi ponds to unconventional saltwater pools teeming with stingrays, eels and sharks.