Bring your aquarium dreams to life with the top custom aquarium designers Lakewood NJ offers. Okeanos Aquascaping provides vibrant custom fish tanks and living coral reef aquariums in homes and businesses throughout New Jersey, the United States and the world.

Our stunning freshwater and saltwater aquarium designs bring art and nature to life in modern and classic bespoke designs meant to complement the finest luxury residences, hotels, restaurants, department stores, museums, art exhibits and more.

Residential & Commercial Fish Tanks, Aquariums and Ponds: Design, Installation & Maintenance Services

Our aquarium designers understand that choosing the appropriate aquarium tanks can be challenging. That’s why we’ll help you create design innovations intended to bring harmony and balance to your space.

Freshwater & Saltwater Custom Aquariums Installation

Our professional team handles every aspect of your design and installation from start to finish including:

  • Custom acrylic aquarium fabrication
  • Custom glass & rimless aquarium tank builders
  • Custom pond designs and installation
  • Indoor fountains and waterfalls
  • On and off-site builds
  • Marine life support systems
  • Fish livestock and marine plant life support systems
  • Aquarium Tank monitoring
  • Freshwater and Saltwater livestock
  • Ongoing tank maintenance

Choose the best custom aquarium design company – Okeanos Aquascaping (212) 244-5555

We offer complete design and fabrication of custom aquariums by a skilled team focused on creating high-quality systems built to last and look beautiful for years to come.

Our maintenance programs provide worry-free service by experienced professionals, who will keep your fish tank beautiful and functioning properly. We offer a lifelong post-installation service guarantee.

Since 2002, we’ve worked with home and business owners, contractors, interior designers, and architects to create works of living art in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Whether you’re searching for freshwater, marine or reef aquariums, Okeanos will custom make a perfect fish tank design in whatever size or shape fits your needs. We’ve designed everything from small nano fish tanks to 200-gallon fish tanks to 500-gallon luxury aquariums.

Call us at (212) 244-5555 to learn more about our design process and discover how we can bring beautiful aquascapes to your home or business environment.

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