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a complex design process requires more than a rough concept. The primary sources of inspiration for Okeanos Okeanos Vacation Aquascapes have always been natural aquatic environments. Okeanos now offers clients the opportunity to accompany our team of experts to explore wild marine habitats to inspire their design concept and get as close as possible to nature. Instead of from a catalog, wild corals and livestock can be selected by clients on dives with on-site support from an okeanos expert. Okeanos guarantees the environmental sustainability of all our dives, and ensures that all corals and livestock removed from the wild can be naturally replenished without harm to the local ecosystem.

include travel expenses and accommodation, as well as all diving gear and necessary tuition. Clients can visit coral reefs and freshwater environments all over the world, including Australia's great barrier reef, Israel's red Sea Coast, the Maldives, Vanuatu, Fiji, Bora Bora and Indonesia

Choose Your Own Aquarium Fish with Our Diving Vacation Packages

Ever considered a diving trip to choose your very own fish, coral and plants out in the wild in their natural habitat? Sure, it's easy to pick out your fish from a catalog or pet store tank. But take your experience to the next level by going on a diving travel adventure!

Join us on our custom diving vacations to exotic destinations like Indonesia, Australia, Israel, Fiji, the Maldives and Bora Bora. Imagine the adventure to travel to these exotic destinations for diving and finding the livestock to fill your aquarium!

Our vacation travel packages include everything you need to explore wild marine habitats where only a few people have gone before. See live coral reefs, tropical fish like cichlids, trigger & tang right where they live and feed. Okeanos experts will accompany you on the diving vacation to pick all marine and plant life you need for your custom aquarium design. We tailor our diving vacations to suit your individual skill and needs, and each trip includes the gear you need along with support from a professional team member of Okeanos.

Aquarium fish species common to Indonesia: some of the many varieties of fish in Indonesia include Blue Gourami, Tiger Barb, Golden Arowana, Knight Goby and Red-eyed Pufferfish.

Aquarium fish found in the Maldives: fish livestock discovered in the Maldives include specimens such as Channel Pinnacle, Hawaiian longfin anthias and diadem anthias. The coral reef is plentiful with fish species such as butterfly fish, Chromis, triggers and pyramid butterflies.

Fish livestock common in Fiji: Over 2,000 fish species and 400 species of coral dwell in the waters around Fiji. Reef dwellers in this part of the world include damselfish, parrot fish, tangs, blenny and cardinalfish.

Aquarium fish livestock in the Red Sea: Over 1,350 different species of fish and 300 soft & hard coral species live in Israel’s red sea. Many of these saltwater inhabitants such as jelly fish and corals glow from bioluminescence.