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Mankind’s Most Ambitious Building: The Green Float Project

Posted by on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Green Float Project

Japanese architects are envisioning a project that will undoubtedly blow every other architectural achievement in history out of the water, the Green Float Project. Try and follow this. They want to build a 3-kilometer-wide floating island. Out of concrete. And on top of that they want to build the world’s tallest skyscraper out of metal that they extract from seawater.

Japanese Floating City

It’s hard to even pick a point to start describing, because every aspect of this project is ludicrous to the point of reaching science fiction (speaking of that, this company also wants to build lunar bases). We’ll start with the fact that they want to build a layer of the skyscraper, sink it into the ocean, then build the next layer on top of it. In this way, the next highest level of the skyscraper will always be at ground level. Once the entire 3,300 feet of skyscraper is submerged, they will use floatation devices and some undoubtedly mega-powered pulleys to lift it out of the water.

Green Float Project Plans

Once erect, the skyscraper will have a vertical farm. That’s right: the walls of the skyscraper will house plant life all the way up to create a green verdant pillar. The surrounding landscape will also act as farm and ranchland, creating the greenest mega skyscraper ever built.

The philosophy behind the ultra-green building is based on benchmark projections with environmental conservatism. As technology advances, we keep developing buildings that come closer and closer to achieving 0 environmental impact. The Japanese want to continue this trend—why stop at 0? The skyscraper will not only be self-sufficient; it will also actively absorb CO2 and generate excess energy.

Japanese Float Project

One way that they are achieving this goal is by extracting magnesium from seawater. As it turns out, it is possible to extract 1 ton of magnesium out of 770 tons of sea water. Additionally, magnesium alloy is even stronger and more environmentally friendly than steel.

It really doesn’t get much more over-the-top than this. You would be hard pressed to come up with something that could make this structure even more absurdly impressive — maybe if it also cured cancer and made dogs and cats stop fighting.

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