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Okeanos Eliminates the Need for Chlorine in Swimming Pools

Posted by on Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Natural Swimming Pool

Natural pool with nearby water garden — Image source: Swimming-teich.com

“Expect poison from the standing water.”

William Blake, my all time favorite poet, said that. He meant that much more in the metaphorical sense — nothing good comes from inaction. Today, I’m going to take it in the literal sense. If you let a body of water sit on its own for long enough, it’s bound to become teeming with microorganisms. You see, humans aren’t the only creatures that love water. Germs, parasites, and other microorganisms simply adore standing water.

So, we do our best to keep our swimming pools clean by dumping chlorine into the water, which acts as a very mild poison. It’s toxic to tiny creatures that live in the water, and it can even be harmful to children, causing health problems such as asthma.

Natural Swimming Pool

Two kids at a natural swimming pool — Image source: Swimuniversity.com

So pool owners everywhere are done worrying about the potential health risks, not to mention that unpleasant chlorine smell. They’re throwing out the chlorine with the bathwater (so to speak) by seeking alternatives to chlorine.

We discussed natural swimming pools a few days ago. These chlorine-free pools combine the beauty of natural ponds with the functionality of swimming pools. The big problem, however, is that natural pools can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. I don’t care how eco-friendly you are — nobody likes swimming in a dirty pond.

Another alternative that is often proposed is simply adding salt to the water.  The saline movement is gaining popularity, but even this is not a natural solution. Chlorine is a natural byproduct of salt, so you will not be fully eliminating the presence of chlorine in the water, meaning the health risks involved with chlorine use will still be present.

But wait! There’s actually a third alternative. Here at Okeanos Group Aquascaping, we performed a little experiment with a modified aquarium filter to see how clean we could make the water. Here are the results:

It looks like a normal swimming pool, doesn’t it? We didn’t use one single drop of sterilizing chemicals to get that crystal-clear water. Instead, we relied entirely on a customized, state-of-the-art aquarium filtration system to remove any impurities.

But don’t take our word for it. QC Laboratories, a company that specializes in scientifically analyzing trace chemicals, tested the water and concluded that it was the cleanest filtered water they’d ever encountered. In fact, it passed regulatory standards by leaps and bounds.

Filtered swimming pool

The filtered swimming pool from Okeanos.

This experiment opens up a whole world of possibilities for luxurious natural swimming pools. A lot of people out there wouldn’t even begin to entertain the idea of a natural swimming pool because they’re afraid of germs, or because they want the crystal-clear waters that (they believe) only chlorine-based pools can offer.

However, this water filter allows you to get the best of both worlds: the clean, sterile swimming conditions of a chlorine-based pool, with the organic beauty of a natural swimming pool. The water will be perfectly crystal clear at all times. And while it’s best to create your natural swimming pool indoors, it can also be built outdoors, and still remain clean.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool with custom aquarium filter.

So, you might want to rethink your backyard. You could do what everybody else does and install a concrete swimming pool… OR you could impress all of your friends and family by installing a stunning, one-of-a-kind, natural swimming pool.  It’s almost like swimming in your own giant aquarium!


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Natural Swimming Pool

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Pond swimming pool hybrid

Image from pondlady.blogspot.com

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