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Top 4 Aquatic Eco-friendly Solutions for Greener Living

Posted by on Friday, August 31st, 2012

Clear Waterfall

Image source: Free-slideshow.com

Green is the new black. Consumers are caring more and more about what products do to the environment, and the world of architecture is no different. Architects, engineers, and consumers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to conventional systems. Solar power has been the go-solution for environmentally-minded consumers for years, but we’re just starting to tap into the power of water. Here’s a breakdown of the best aquatic solutions for eco-friendly living. Continue reading…


How Aquatic Architecture Can Solve World Thirst AND the World Energy Crisis

Posted by on Monday, July 30th, 2012

Aquatic Wind Turbine

Image source: Saferenvironment.wordpress.com

As great as renewable, green energy techniques are, they’re all generally limited by terrain. Wind turbines are only useful in windy climates, water turbines need a constant source of flowing water, and solar panels benefit most from wide, flat, cloudless areas. It’s fairly rare that you see two of these energy-collecting devices in the same spot, and it’s pretty much unheard of that you find all three together. Continue reading…