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The World’s Best Aquatic Eco-Resorts

Posted by on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Image source: Papua-diving.com

Nowadays people are a lot more conscious about the effects that their actions have on the environment. We don’t just want a car — we want a car that has efficient mileage. We don’t just want to throw all of our groceries into disposable plastic bags — we want to bring reusable shopping bags with us to the store. The same is true for our vacations. Just because we want to relax and kick up our heels, that doesn’t mean that we feel any less guilty about ruining the surrounding environment. That’s why environmentally-conscious eco-resorts have started popping up all around the world to combine waves and mai thais with solar panels and water-cooled living spaces.

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Bali Eco-Resort

Image source: Alilahotels.com

Located in Bali, this tropical eco-resort brings visitors closer to sand and surf without affecting the local ecosystem in the process. Guests will get a kick out of the facility’s infinity pools, but these modern swimming areas serve a dual purpose: they also cool the surrounding area.

Alila Hotel

Image source: Alilahotels.com

The canals also separate buildings, creating miniature architectural islands that both add to the feeling of seclusion while replacing noisy air conditioners. Of course, if the heat really started getting to you, my recommendation would be to strip down to your swim suit and take a dip in the Indian Ocean.

Alila Resort Uluwatu

Image source: Alilahotels.com

Finca Rosa Blanca

This sun-bleached resort is nestled in the tranquil wilderness of Santa Barbara, Costa Rica. They sustainably grow their own food in the attached greenhouse, but that isn’t all they did to earn the five-star rating from the country’s green tourism commission.

Finca Rosa Blanca Eco-Resort

Image source: Fincarosablanca.com

Fans of aquatic architecture will be intrigued to learn that this eco-resort keeps the pool toasty warm through the use of solar panels, and they also use an ionized system rather than chlorine to keep the pool clean.

Costa Rica Eco-Resort

mage source: Fincarosablanca.com

The Lodge at Sun Ranch

It shouldn’t be a surprise that California would make the list with a top-of-the-line eco-resort. Hidden in the Montana River Valley, this 26,000-acre ranch is all about green living and beautiful countryside. They do their best to buy food from locals in order to support the local economy and cut down on shipping costs. What that means for guests is that they can enjoy rustic, fresh meals every day.

Sun Ranch Lodge

Image source: Ecosmarty.org

In my opinion, the coolest thing about the Lodge is that they donated a ten-year lease to Trouts Unlimited. TU will work their magic to sustainably protect the nearby tributaries to ensure that wildlife and the aquatic ecosystem can flourish in spite of heavy tourism.

Sustainable Tributaries

Image source: Tu.org

So, eco-resorts like these go to show you that green living and peaceful getaways can still coexist. All it takes is a little bit of thoughtfulness and capital to transform any space into an aquatic eco-friendly paradise.

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