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The Eerie, Blood-Red Swimming Pool in Koh Samui, Thailand

Posted by on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Library Resort in Thailand

Image source: Cubeme.com

The Library Resort on Koh Samui, Thailand is famous for its minimalist design. The architecture is sharply-angled and simplistic, and the paint scheme relies on whites and greys to create a calming atmosphere. But it’s not the white hotel that we’re going to focus on today – it’s the swimming pool.

The hotel features a vibrant, ruby-colored swimming pool. It has a striking visual similarity to a pool of blood, making the whole thing look like a scene out of the Old Testament. But it’s not blood that gives the pool its eerie hue, it’s red, orange, and yellow tiles along the bottom of the pool.

Library Resort in Koh Samui

Image source: Cubeme.com

But isn’t water blue? Well, kind of. Bottled water is perfectly clear – or at least it appears to be. All water has a very slight blue tint. The blue color of water is almost imperceptible in small quantities. The deeper a body of water is, however, the more blue it appears. The Library Resort swimming pool is shallow enough that the red tiles on the bottom of the pool give it a bloody color. If the swimming pool were deeper it would eventually appear purple (blue and red makes purple), and then eventually blue at greater depths.

Red Swimming Pool at the Library Resort

Image source: Cubeme.com

You can apply the same technique with your aquarium. Red sand and red wall on the back of your aquarium will give it a red hue, but the easiest way to color your aquarium is to select a colored lighting fixture.

In the video below, for example, the LED lights in this aquarium gradually transform from a deep blue to a crisp white. Changing the light on your aquarium can dramatically affect the overall aesthetic. Selecting a bright, white light will give your aquarium a clean, modern look. Going with a blue light will make it look more natural.

Of course, white and blue aren’t the only options. You can use a green light to make your aquarium appear more organic, or you could even bathe your fish in pink light if you so desired.

One of the interesting things about using a colored LED light fixture on your aquarium is that it allows you to easily change your aquarium to suit the setting. You can’t change the fish or the plants  very easily, but you can alter the color scheme at the touch of a button. You can select a vibrant blue if you’re hosting a party, or you can tone the color down to a softer tone to create a more romantic atmosphere. Either way, be sure to think about color options for your next home aquarium.

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