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Amazing Underwater Restaurant Serves as Inspiration For Luxury Aquariums in Your Home or Business

Posted by on Friday, January 31st, 2014


Underwater Restaurant

If you tell me you don’t want to eat here, I probably won’t believe you.
Image from wikimedia.org

Eating underwater has never really been one of mankind’s top goals. If you are eating with the ocean over your head, chances are something has gone catastrophically wrong, and, honestly: you probably have bigger concerns than dinner (namely, avoiding becoming dinner). But that isn’t always the case, as proven by the jaw-dropping underwater restaurant at the Conrad Hotel in the Maldives. Named Ithaa, which means “mother of pearl” in Divhehi, the national language, the restaurant is an architectural, engineering, and aesthetic wonder. It rests under 16 feet of ocean, which doesn’t seem to be a lot at first glance, but the amount of sea life that can fit in those 16 feet is staggering. And it isn’t just the roof- the walls and ceiling are made of a curved, reinforced glass, offering a 270-degree view of the ocean. We’re not just talking about any ocean, either. An archipelago hundreds of miles into the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offers beautiful sea teeming with amazing wildlife. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at this video! Sealife of the Maldives by elastek Now imagine that swimming past the windows as you and your special someone drink a bottle of delicious wine and dine on an entree of Maldivian lobster carpaccio, reef fish tartare, and poached quail egg. Imagine the beauty and mystery of the sea floating by you, as you watch it – man and the undersea world, co-existing in a way that seems almost unimaginable. To get this restaurant going, there had to be significant obstacles to overcome, namely the engineering challenges. Any amount of water creates pressure, and the deeper you go, the more pressure there is. 16 feet isn’t deep, but given the space occupied by the place, that is a lot of weight. It is an incredible feat of engineering and of design to take a 175-ton structure and make it safe, make it awe-inspiring on the outside, and make it beautiful on the inside.


When I was a kid, I loved restaurants with aquariums. This one IS an aquarium.
Image from tsemrinpoche.com

Now, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember that we have mentioned the Maldives a couple of times, including one reason that you’ve probably heard about: rising sea levels are presenting a great threat to the many-islanded nation. While in theory this could be good for Ithaa (more fish!), it is a looming disaster. Luckily, the presence of Ithaa is helpful to the Maldives, who have an aqua-based tourist strategy to help them combat the effects of climate change and save their ancient and beautiful homeland. Of course, you might be looking at this, sad that you may never go there, even if the seas roll back their rise. It isn’t just around the corner. Well, beside providing perhaps a model of undersea adventures, the Ithaa serves as an inspiration for what you can do in your house or restaurant (if you happen to own one). You probably like an aquarium in a restaurant. I know when I was a kid, I’d be transfixed, which my mom and dad probably enjoyed, because it meant I wasn’t asking with tear-filled eyes why there weren’t Chicken McNuggets here (this went on til I was 22). And those were generally just glass tanks with some fish and maybe a few rocks. But imagine a design luxury aquarium, echoing- not equaling, but coming close- the panoramic beauty of Ithaa. Imagine the awe on the faces of your customers, or friends and family. They’d be sure to come back, again and again, just to bask in the glory of the sea. Okeanos can do that for your home or business.

Underwater restaurant

The fish seem amused by their amuse bouche.
Image from conradhotels.hilton.com

We can’t all go to the Maldives, but we can bring them to us. Just make sure your idea of replication is a wall of aquariums, teeming with life, and not diving into the local retainer pond with your lunch!

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