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4 Incredibly Bizarre Fishtanks

Posted by on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Fishtank Backpack

Fishtank backpack — Image source: Trendhunter.com

Conventional aquariums are so square (in both senses of the word). These bizarre aquariums put new spins on an old classic!

1. The Fish Backpack

Tired of dog-owners hogging all the attention at the park? You’re sure to turn heads when you stroll around town with this fish tank strapped to your back. Of course, I can’t promise that you’ll earn looks of envy rather than looks of “What on Earth is that lunatic wearing?”

Aquarium Backpack

It’s not practical or comfortable, but it is (apparently) stylish! — Image source: Trendhunterstatic.com

Dubbed “Neptune’s Daughter,” this piece from the Cassandra Verity Spring/Summer 2013 is obviously more of a fashion statement than an attempt at serious aquascaping. I know that maritime colors were in this year, but isn’t this taking it a little bit too far?

2. Echappée Aquarium

Echappée Aquarium

The Echappée Aquarium — Image source: Sebastiencordoleani.com

This prototype Echappée aquarium exhibits out-of-the-box thinking by allowing fish to swim up into an amorphous, tumor-like bubble that juts out of the aquarium. Thanks to a quirk of physics, water will remain inside the glass bubble because there’s no way for air to replace the downward flow of water. As a result, fish can choose to ascend into the gravity defying bulb or hang out in the rectangular-shaped aquarium below.

I just can’t figure out if the giant blog makes it beautiful or ugly. What do you think?

3. Waterwall

The waterwall technically ins’t an aquaruim, but it does open up interesting new possibilities for custom aquariums. The waterwall serves as a window — natural sun light flows through it just as easily as it could flow through glass. The critical difference between a waterwall and a run-of-the-mill window is that the water will absorb heat from the sunlight for better insulation.


Waterwall – Image source: Trendhunterstatic.com

In theory, you could add a few fish into a wall-mounted aquarium and transform it into a window-aquarium hybrid. Doing this would pose serious technical problems, however. Most aquatic species wouldn’t be able to survive the radical temperature changes, so the aquarium would need to have a very precise and powerful heating and cooling system to ensure that the aquarium is always at the optimum temperature, day or night, summer or winter.

But difficult isn’t the same as impossible! Assuming you don’t live in the frigid northern recesses of Canada or Iceland, a professional custom aquascaping team could give you an aquarium with a view

4. Zeus Fish Tank

Artist Dean Zeus Colman has a thing for giant graffiti letters. He’s created sculptures of giant stylized letters jutting out of sidewalks, crashing into cars, and hanging from the ceilings. Naturally, the next logical step is to make one out of plexiglass and fill it with goldfish.

Graffiti Fishtank

Graffiti fishtank, yo — Image source: Trendhunterstatic.com

This approach is perfect for big companies. If you’re trying to attract some positive press to your business, you could order a custom aquarium that spells out the name of your company, or in the shape of your corporate logo. How cool would it be to have an aquarium like that prominently displayed in one of your store windows? An investment like that could easily pay itself off in a few months with all the customers it attracts!

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