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4 Trimming Tricks To Keep Your Aquascape Perfect

Posted by on Friday, May 31st, 2013

Trimming a Freshwater Aquascape

Image source: Wazeter.tumblr.com

Everything needs a bit of maintenance now and then. Your car needs oil changes, carpets need to be vacuumed, and grass needs to be mowed. Aquariums are no different. Aquascapers need to perform regular maintenance on their aquarium in much the same way that a gardener has to trim the bushes and get rid of the weeds. Continue reading…


How to Keep Your Aquarium Spotless with Aquatic Janitors

Posted by on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Algae Eater

Image source: Thefrolickingfells.com

As much as I love pets, taking care of them can be a real pain sometimes. You’ve got to feed them, wash them, walk them, clean up after them, and sweep up giant clumps of hair that collect in the corners of the room. It would be so much easier to keep pets if they spent less time making your house messy and spent more time making your living space spotless. How great would it be if cats liked to do dishes instead of nap all day? Who wouldn’t want to keep a dog that vacuums your carpets? Continue reading…


These Stunning Coral Close-Ups Will Make You Feel Groovy, Dude

Posted by on Monday, May 27th, 2013

Saltwater Timelapse

Image source: Noupe.com

Last week we looked at timelapse footage of aquariums as they slowly grew into stunningly beautiful aquascapes. As cool as the footage was, it’s hard to really appreciate timelapse videos that span months because you can’t replicate that same experience in everyday life. So today I thought I’d speed things up a bit by taking a look at aquarium timelapse footage that only takes place over a few minutes or hours. Get ready for a show — if you’ve never had the opportunity to watch a custom aquarium over the course of a day then you’re in for a real treat. Continue reading…


Timelapse Videos Show Your Aquarium’s Future

Posted by on Friday, May 24th, 2013

Timelapse Tree

Image source: Beyondplm.com

The phrase “watching grass grow” is synonymous with boredom. For aquascapers, though, watching an aquarium gradually grow and change over a long period of time can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s something that you can enjoy whether you have a saltwater or freshwater aquarium — coral gradually crawls across rocks in saltwater tanks and plants grow ever upward towards life-giving light in freshwater aquariums. Continue reading…


Can You Decorate the Outside of Your Aquarium?

Posted by on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Japanese-Inspired Aquarium

Image source: Youtube.com

Aquascapers often spend so much time worrying about what goes into an aquarium that they don’t devote a lot of brainpower to the question of what goes around and aquarium. You need to think of your custom aquascape as if it’s a stunning piece of art. You wouldn’t hang a beautiful picture on your wall without adding an appropriate picture frame, would you? Then don’t overlook the outside of your aquascape, either. Continue reading…


Pro-Pearling: How to Maximize Bubble Volume in Your Aquarium

Posted by on Monday, May 20th, 2013

Freshwater Aquarium Pearling

Image source: Freshwater-aquarium-passion.blogspot.com

Everybody loves bubbles! Kids love to pop ’em, they make your soft drinks exciting, and they transform champagne into an elegant beverage. You can also incorporate bubbles into your custom aquarium — you just have to know how to create a bubbly aquascape. Continue reading…


How to Replicate the Tides in Your Aquarium

Posted by on Friday, May 17th, 2013

Tidal Pools

Image source: Pbase.com

“Tide goes in, tides go out. You can’t explain that!” That second sentence was added after the fact by Internet users, but nonetheless Bill O’Reilly briefly achieved Internet infamy after making that statement in a debate with Dave Silverman of American Atheists. The tides aren’t quite as mysterious as O’Reilly seems to believe — it’s common knowledge that the tides are caused by the moon’s gravity. Continue reading…


Playing with Light and Shadow in a Silhouette Aquarium

Posted by on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Fish Silhouetted Against the Sun

Image source: Divephotoguide.com

One of the most difficult things to tinker with in an aquarium is light and shadow. The reason is quite simple: many of the organisms in your aquarium require light to survive, so prioritizing aesthetic over light requirements could leave your coral and plants near death. Continue reading…


4 Tips for Arranging Plants in a Freshwater Aquarium

Posted by on Monday, May 13th, 2013

Lush Planted Aquarium

Image source: Aquabotanic.com

Plants are easily the most important feature of a freshwater planted aquarium. They can make an aquascape appear lush and overgrown, wild and chaotic, neat and carefully manicured, simple and open, or diverse and colorful. The types of plants that you select are just as important as placement. Normally, you can look at other aquascapes as a source of inspiration, but when it comes to plant placement that’s practically impossible. Plants will quickly grow upward and obscure the aquascaper’s planting techniques, so it’s hard to tell how the aquascaper created such a gorgeous scene. Continue reading…


Building a Snake Aquarium: Not for the Faint of Heart

Posted by on Friday, May 10th, 2013


Image source: Commons.wikimedia.org

It’s kind of funny how people react to animals. People everywhere absolutely adore fish. If you have a beautiful custom aquarium then you can impress pretty much anybody on Earth. If you replace those fish with snakes and reptiles, then suddenly you’re going to provoke an entirely different reaction. Unlike fish, snakes are universally feared across all cultures. Continue reading…