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4 Virtual Fish Tanks for the Modern Aquarist

Posted by on Friday, June 29th, 2012

Pixelated Swordfish

Image: thisblogrules.com

We’re in the middle of the Age of Information, a time when digital data reigns supreme. While computerized fish do an awful job of replacing the real thing, it might be nice to have the option to watch pixelated fish swim around your computer screen when you can’t get access to a real thing. After all, double-clicking a fish program requires a lot less effort than keeping an aquarium clean and beautiful — and it’s probably a lot less expensive, too. Continue reading…


Koi Ponds: Behold the Feeding Frenzy!

Posted by on Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Koi Opening Their Mouths For Food

Image: blog.travelpod.com

Fish love food. Any aquarium owner can tell you that many species of fish will eagerly flit about the tank when it’s feeding time. A few species of fish are so fins-to-the-wall crazy about food that they’ll drive themselves into wild feeding frenzies. I’m sure most of you have heard about sharks and piranha working themselves into a frenzy, but even the most serene flake-nibblers can be forced into a hunger-induced feeding frenzy if the conditions are right. All you need is a bunch of hungry mouths to feed and not enough food, and you’ve got a recipe for fish hunger riots. Continue reading…


The Nudibranch: Is It Hideous or Beautiful?

Posted by on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Alabaster Nudibranch

Image: seaotter.com

It’s time for another fish profile! This time, I’m going to be tackling the Nudibranch (which isn’t as dirty as it sounds). What’s a nudibranch? Well, I’m glad you asked! Obviously, it’s a… Uhm, it’s… It sure is something, all right. Continue reading…


5 Pieces of Useful (And Beautiful) Aquarium Furniture

Posted by on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Aquarium Coffee Table

Image: Instructables.com

What do fish tanks and arm chairs have in common? If you said, “absolutely nothing,” then you’d only be right 99 times out of 100. Most pieces of furniture are built out of wood or fabric, but I think that shows lack of imagination. Why build furniture when you can build fishiture? OK, I admit: that name needs some work, but the general principle still applies. Just become most aquariums are rectangular boxes you place on a table, that doesn’t mean that your aquarium can’t also have a slightly more utilitarian function. So, today we’re going to take a look at five handy pieces of aquarium furniture.

Continue reading…


The RoboSnail: An Aquatic Roomba for Your Aquarium!

Posted by on Monday, June 25th, 2012

RoboSnail Automatic Tank Cleaner

Image: AquaGensis.com

Having an aquariums is great and all, but keeping one of your own can be a real pain in the tail fin. You’ve got to keep the algae scrubbed off the glass, you’ve got to worry about the correct temperature and pH balances, and you have to watch to make sure that your fish aren’t catching parasites or diseases. Owning an aquarium means that you have to be part janitor and part veterinarian. Continue reading…


Interview with Fernando Nosratpour of California’s Birch Aquarium

Posted by on Friday, June 22nd, 2012

The Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, CA

Image: travelmuse.com

California is known for quite a few things. They’ve got great wine, famous celebrities, tons of health food, and a stretch of the beautiful Pacific Coast. You can usually find muscled surfers and bronzed blondes hanging out around its frothy waves, but travel a few hundred feet further out and you’ll see a completely different set of beach-lovers: fish, crabs, jellies, and other water-breathing creatures. Continue reading…


The AbyssBox: An Aquarium for the Bottom of the Ocean

Posted by on Thursday, June 21st, 2012

AbyssBox Aquarium with Deep-Sea Crab

Image: wired.com

Most people don’t think of aquariums as being very high-tech. Generally speaking, that’s a pretty accurate assumption. Aquariums are usually little more than watertight enclosures with a few gallons of water. Even the massive tanks that you see at public aquariums are fairly low tech. It’s the same pumps, chemicals, and enclosure, just on a grander scale and with a higher price tag. Continue reading…


4 Truly Nerdy Aquariums

Posted by on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

The Nerd Fish

Image: wackynewz.wordpress.com

I’m a huge nerd. I can never quite decide which I love more: aquariums, or the world of elves, magic spells, and laser-shooting space ships from old movies. So, as you might expect, I adore aquariums that show off a person’s inner geekiness. After all, there’s no law saying that your aquarium has to have rocks, plants, fish, and nothing else. Your aquarium can be as strange and unique as you are. To give you a bit of a push and help you channel your inner nerd for your next great fish tank project, here’s a list of some of the nerdiest aquariums on earth. Continue reading…


Celebrating This Year’s Father’s Day with the Seahorse

Posted by on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

A Yellow Seahorse

Image: nationalgeographic.com

It was Father’s Day this past weekend, so now’s the perfect time to honor one of the ocean’s most adoring fathers: the seahorse. We may like to think that we live in a progressive society where men are able to take care of their kids as stay-at-home dads, but seahorses perfected that art long ago. We’ll get more involved in the seahorse parenting roles in a bit, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are so many other interesting features of the seahorse that are relevant for saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Continue reading…


Rawr! The Lionfish

Posted by on Monday, June 18th, 2012

A Lionfish, Also Known as a Scorpionfish

Image: animal-wildlife.blogspot.com

While goldfish act as the scions of the freshwater aquarium world, lionfish seem to be the poster fish for saltwater hobbyists. Their long spines and unique striped color pattern makes them instantly recognizable, even for people who hardly know a thing about fish. Continue reading…